Extra-Virgin OLIve OiL

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil from Costantino Del Borrello’s estates is distrubuted by Marchesani Distribuzione

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 

Costantino Del Borrello’s estates are immersed into an idyllic location known for its natural and extraordinary beauty due to climatical and pedological uniqueness.

The estates’ landscape is a harmonious ensemble where nature, history and agriculture are intertwined over the years.

The farm is located along Trabocchi Coast, in the municipality of Vasto, where some 4500 olive trees are grown, separated into several productive bodies. They extend from Contrada Zimarino, continuing to Lebba quarter, close to Natural Reserve of Punta Aderci, to the Montevecchio’s hill from which Tremiti Islands can be admired. It is in the plots of Genova-Rulli barons’ holdings that can be found the century-old olive trees of the Vastese native varieties and also the new plants with varieties, ancient and not, of the highest quality.


The main varieties of Cultivars, which are always been present in the Vastese area due to favorable pedoclimatic conditions, are the “Nebbio” Cultivar, commonly known as “Ordinaria”, along with “Gentile di Chieti”. The “Leccino” Cultivar was added later, furthermore the new plants include the “Peranzana” Cultivar, the “Leccio del Corno” Cultivar, the “Nociara” Cultivar, the “Frantoio” Cultivar and last, but not least, the “Bianchera” Cultivar.

Extra-virgin Olive Oil


It is a native variety of Vastese area commonly called “Ordinaria”. Extra-Virgin olive oil produced only from secular olive trees. Slightly fruity flavor with notes of fresh grass and almonds, ideal to accompany meals with a flavor that is not too overwhelming, like salads, veal carpaccio, raw fish and it is also an ideal ingredient for filling pastries.

Extra-virgin Olive Oil


Produced from “Gentile di Chieti” Cultivar variety. Extra-Virgin olive oil produced only from secular olive trees. Medium fruity flavor and pleasant notes of almond and vegetal hints. Bitter and spicy are well-balanced each other. Ideal to accompany balanced flavors meals like fish starters, grilled “courtyard” meats, soups and puréed legumes, boiled meat, carpaccio and fish marinated, boiled potatoes, risotto with crustaceans, grilled prawns and also young cheese.

Extra-virgin Olive Oil


Slightly fruity flavor with scents of fleshly cut grass and lettuce. Delicate taste with harmonious notes of sweet almond. Excellent seasoning for salads, fish and white meats, fish carpaccio, first courses with shellfish, boiled or fried vegetables and fresh cheese.

Extra-virgin Olive Oil


Produced with a olive’s bland of several farm cultivars: the “Gentile di Chieti” Cultivar, the “Nebbio” Cultivar and the “Leccio del Corno” Cultivar. Medium fruity oil, green, with moderately intense notes of spiciness and bitterness well-balanced. To the nose it has vegetal hints and aftertaste of artichoke and green almond, while, to the palate, tones of green tomatoes and artichokes. Ideal oil for dishes with balanced flavours like legume soups, grilled vegetables, cooked crustaceans, blue fish or “guazzetto” (stew), marinated yellowtail or tuna and fresh cheese.


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